If you are looking for someone to make your special day the best memory of your life, then this is the place for you. We paint your special day with the color of our imagination and turn it into the fairytale that you will cherish a lifetime. We understand how precious your wedding day is and this is why we constantly come up with new themes and ideas that will sweep you off your feet. We capture your precious moments and turn into your tale of love.
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Cinewedding by Nabhan Zaman

Anika’s Mehendi & Sangeet

Nabeel’s Mehndi & Holud Trailer

Shamael & Mazhar Holud Teaser

Noshin & Abrar’s Holud Trailer

Alvia & Shahensha’s Holud Trailer

Shahrear and Sabrina’s Rong Khela Trailer

Oyon and Latifa’s Holud Trailer

Nabhan and Nusrat’s Holud Trailer

Adnan and Lamia’s Holud Trailer

Marzooq & Saiyara’s Holud Trailer

F & R’s Holud Trailer

Anabil and Parisa’s Holud Trailer

Shair and Labiba’s Holud Trailer

Zerifa and Saadman’s Holud Trailer

Nuzhat & Tazaki’s Holud Trailer

Tajrina & Shayaan’s Holud

Farhana and Jami Holud Trailer

Fahmida and Shafee’s Holud Trailer

Fahim & Fariha’s Holud

Badria & Safwan’s Holud

Rawnak & Abdullah’s Holud Trailer

Mayeesha and Zayan’s Holud Mela

Saiba and Hasnat’s Holud Trailer

Fahmida and Shafee’s Holud Trailer

Azmat & Tazrian’s Holud

Rishad and Turna’s Holud

Anjum and Saad’s Holud

Mariha’s Holud Trailer

Aniq & Faiza’s Holud Trailer

Sumayra and Feroz Holud Trailer

Arbab & Afrin’s Holud

Arin & Farabi’s Holud

Asif & Urmy’s Holud

Benazir & Raihan’s Holud

Farwah & Asif’s Holud

Ramisa and Rubaiyat Holud

Arshia & Reaz’s Holud

Niloy’s Holud

Farabi & Arin’s Holud

Rahnuma & Shafinawaz’s Holud

Anisa and Tanzils Holud Shondha

Nabila’s Holud

Faheem & Noel’s Holud

Shahir & Suchona’s Holud

Anisa & Tanzil’s Holud | Sneak Peek

Sadia’s Holud

Sadia and Niloy’s Holud Teaser

Holud Highlights (Bangladeshi wedding cinematography)

Anika & Nabeel’s Wedding Trailer

Shamael & Mazhar’s Wedding Trailer

Ashik & Sathi’s Wedding Promo

Lamisa & Abdullah’s Wedding

Shahrear & Sabrina’s Wedding Reception

Tajrina & Shayaan’s Wedding Trailer

Orin & Masum’s Wedding Trailer

Elosia & Moktadir’s Wedding Trailer

Latifa and Oyon’s Wedding Trailer

Noshin & Abrar’s Wedding Trailer

Arni & Mashnoon’s Wedding Trailer

Saiyara and Marzooq’s Wedding Trailer

Nusrat & Nabhan’s Wedding Trailer

Ariba and Ishnad’s Wedding Trailer

Rafid and Maureen’s Wedding Reception

F & R’s Wedding Trailer

Shair and Labiba’s Wedding Trailer

Jyoti and Turkey Wedding Trailer

Sumayra and Feroz Wedding Trailer

Adnan and Lamia’s Wedding Reception Trailer

Farhana and Jami Wedding Trailer

Nabil and Sumaiya’s Wedding Trailer

Mariha’ and Nakib’s Wedding Trailer

Arthy and Tonmoy Wedding Trailer

Aman & Maha’s Wedding Trailer

Shayaan and Tajrina’s Wedding Trailer

Farwah & Asif’s Wedding Trailer

Asif & Urmy’s Wedding

Rawnak & Abdullah’s Wedding Trailer

Tahmid & Lubaba’s Wedding

Sumit & Raisa’s Wedding

Turna and Rishad’s Wedding

Anjum & Saad’s Wedding Trailer

Arbab and Afrin’s Wedding

Benazir & Raihan’s Wedding

Arin & Farabi’s Wedding

Mushfiq & Ridita’s Wedding

Saiba & Zeeshan’s Wedding

Shaidul and Shuva’s Wedding

Shahir & Suchona’s Trailer

Niloy & Nabila’s Wedding

Anisa & Tanzil’s Walima

Sadia & Niloy’s Wedding

Naveed & Umaila’s Wedding

Nabhan & Nusrat’s Reception Trailer

Nabeel & Anika’s Reception Trailer

Ashik & Sathi’s Reception Promo

Marzooq and Saiyara’s Reception Trailer

Noshin & Abrar’s Reception Trailer

Oyon & Latifa’s Reception Trailer

Nakib and Mariha’s Reception Trailer

Maha & Aman’s Reception

Shafee and Fahmida’s Reception Cinematic Trailer

Tahmid & Lubaba’s Reception

Benazir & Raihan’s Reception

Arbab and Afrin’s Reception

Arin & Farabi’s Reception

Niloy & Nabila’s Reception

Fahad & Marisha’s Reception

Shahir & Suchona’s Reception

                                        Tajrina & Shayaan’s Fairy Tale

Asif & Farwah’s FairyTale

Niloy and Nabila’s Fairy Tale

Shaidul and Shuva’s Fairytale

Shuvo and Mohi’s Akth

Maha and Aman’s Walima Trailer

Tajrina & Shayaan’s Mehendi

Yasef and Humaira’s Mehendi Trailer

F & R’s Mehndi Night Trailer

Farabi & Arin’s Mehendi

Arshia’s Mehendi

Maha and Aman’s Mehendi Trailer

Sadia’s Mehendi Rasam

Mehndi Rasm e Teaser

Anisa & Tanzil’s Mehendi Night

Arshia’s Mehendi Full Video

Anisa & Tanzil’s Mehendi Night

MoZam’s 1st Anniversary Rong Khela Trailer | PART 2

Moin and Zamira’s Rong Khela

Pre-Wedding Shoot with Sadia

Alvia’s Wedding Lip dub | Lipdub

Maha & Aman’s Engagement ( Cox’s Bazar )

Dastagir & Reyan’s Engagement Trailer