Make your own wedding Music - Cinewedding
If you are looking for someone to make your special day the best memory of your life, then this is the place for you. We paint your special day with the color of our imagination and turn it into the fairytale that you will cherish a lifetime. We understand how precious your wedding day is and this is why we constantly come up with new themes and ideas that will sweep you off your feet. We capture your precious moments and turn into your tale of love.
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Make your own wedding Music

Thinking of something unique for your wedding?


We have the perfect plan for you. Set your wedding apart with a customised wedding song just for yourself and tell your story through the music! Cinewedding brings you the perfect opportunity to do exactly that.



We will help you record your song completely from A to Z in collaboration with our professional singers and musicians which you can use at your wedding events as well as your wedding film. You can also write your OWN LYRICS , choose your favourite singer to sing it or why not SING IT FOR YOURSELF? The options are limitless. And to add to that list, we will make a Studio Session Video just for you, absolutely free !



For more information please call01720246221, 01673784256