I have been into Cinematography ever since i was a kid . My dad was into photography so he had a Manual film Camera. Instead of taking pictures i was more curious about the view finder. I imagined it was a video camera and played with it most of the time. Another favorite toy of mine was the binocular. So basically you can relate how fond I was of the the concept of film making. As I grew older my creative side was noticed by everyone and most of my teachers recommended that I should pursue my career in Media and Communication. So after my parents were convinced of my talent I joined AIUB and graduated on Mass Media and Communication and very recently I have finished my Masters on Film and Television from IUB.

Meanwhile, I worked at a UK based firm, made my own shortfilms and worked on numerous weddings. I have always loved weddings. The whole concept of wedding always seemed to amuse me. I feel it’s that one day when you get to feel like a prince or princess. It’s that one day when your whole family and all of your friends unite to celebrate your special day. And since i am into film making , i thought why not make a tale out of a wedding where the bride and groom would be playing their respective roles and watch their fairy tale come to life. The concept is simple, to turn a wedding into a fairy tale. We all know wishes are only granted in fairy tales. However, with my experience , love for film making , my dedication and love for the job I will In shaa Allah make that wish come true for you. 

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