Nabhan Zaman - Cinewedding
If you are looking for someone to make your special day the best memory of your life, then this is the place for you. We paint your special day with the color of our imagination and turn it into the fairytale that you will cherish a lifetime. We understand how precious your wedding day is and this is why we constantly come up with new themes and ideas that will sweep you off your feet. We capture your precious moments and turn into your tale of love.
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I have been into Cinematography ever since i was a kid . My dad was into photography so he had a Manual film Camera. Instead of taking pictures i was more curious about the view finder. I imagined it was a video camera and played with it most of the time. Another favorite toy of mine was the binocular. So basically you can relate how fond I was of the the concept of film making. As I grew older my creative side was noticed by everyone and most of my teachers recommended that I should pursue my career in Media and Communication. So after my parents were convinced of my talent I joined AIUB and graduated on Mass Media and Communication and very recently I have finished my Masters on Film and Television from IUB.

Meanwhile, I worked at a UK based firm, made my own shortfilms and worked on numerous weddings. I have always loved weddings. The whole concept of wedding always seemed to amuse me. I feel it’s that one day when you get to feel like a prince or princess. It’s that one day when your whole family and all of your friends unite to celebrate your special day. And since i am into film making , i thought why not make a tale out of a wedding where the bride and groom would be playing their respective roles and watch their fairy tale come to life. The concept is simple, to turn a wedding into a fairy tale. We all know wishes are only granted in fairy tales. However, with my experience , love for film making , my dedication and love for the job I will In shaa Allah make that wish come true for you. 

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